First aid


Homeopathy can be used in first aid, and in many emergency situations while waiting for assistance, or to help later with the healing process.


Acute disease


This covers common illnesses, childhood diseases and pregnancy & birth because they all run a limited course. There is a definite beginning and end.


chronic disease


When dealing with chronic disease Homeopaths quite often hear the phrase 'I've never been well since'. This will usually be the cause of emotional upset or illness and will be key to finding your constitutional (individual) remedy. Also conditions that return over and over again, and quite often are steadily getting worse over time are called chronic disease.




Homeopathy is not a cure-all, it cannot cure everything or everyone. Some people's immune systems are so weakened that nothing can activate a healing response. 
In cases such as these there are some wonderful palliative remedies that can significantly relieve pain and discomfort giving a better quality of life. 
Homeopathy can be used safely and effectively alongside conventional medicine.