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Indigo essences.


Sunflower - indigo Essences surrey homeopatic Deep magenta opium poppy


for strength in a storm


for hope

Deep magenta opium poppy

for states of extreme fear and terror

Indigo essences are a range of gem and vibrational essences made in Ireland by Ann Callaghan. They have been put together with the help of children to help everyone cope with the energetic challenges ahead.

There are currently four main sets, as well as three research essences made from plants:
The New child series contain 16 essences. They are useful for inner child healing in both adults and children.

Emotional wounds suffered as a child are often behind most of our day-to-day fears, anxieties and behaviours. Inner child healing is the process of releasing your fears. The 'New child series' set of essences restore balance and make it easier to release these feelings and patterns of behaviour, so that we can come into our physical body feeling safe and grounded.

The New energy series contain 10 essences. They are help for expanding and exploring who we really are by allowing new thoughts. If you've lost your passion and interest in life these essences were made for you.

The Chrystal series contain 10 essences. These are good for sensitivity and environmental stresses.Sensitive people have poor boundaries and find it hard to extract their energy from the energy of another. These essences will prevent you feeling overwhelmed by other people's energies. They are useful for very sensitive people in places where there are strong smells or electricity.

The Combination essences contain 12 essences for common emotional childhood complaints.Kids face challenges on a regular basis such as lack of confidence, bullying, learning difficulties, jealousy, temper tantrums and sleep problems. This is where the combinations come in. They are also invaluable in times of acute shock and grief caused by divorce, separation, moving house and bereavement. Of course they're not exclusively for kids, as adults we're not immune to these feelings sometimes too.